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Cigars Liquor And More

Apr 30, 2020

They review the Don Olivan. 5.5 X 52 Maduro. From Rodriguez Olivan Cigars Factory – the Don Olivan Maduro didn’t have any information on it. It was a medium bodied cigar that smoked very well. It’s a woody smoke with some mild clove. No pepper to speak of. We both liked this cigar very much. It didn’t compete with our drink. They paired with it the Giant Texas 95 Bourbon. A pot still bourbon got silver medal 2019 San Francisco Spirit awards. Spicy aroma, Butterscotch, Vanilla.

The chic chat is about price gouging, state run liquor issues, a little about our porch building, developing your palate, appeal of cigar band art, they talk about their work history and focus on restaurant work. They wrap up with cringeworthy papercuts and foot injury. Yeah, could be anything they talk about.