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Cigars Liquor And More

Nov 29, 2021

Recapping Darrell's FL trip, Bill's colonoscopy,  They smoke the Adventura CONQUEROR Terrible and sip some Freedom Hard Patriotic Bourbon. They hate on Water World for a while.

Nov 25, 2021

Northwestern University researchers have developed a new injectable therapy that harnesses "dancing molecules" to reverse paralysis and repair tissue after severe spinal cord injuries. Darrell and Bill discuss this while enjoying a Definition Cigars, Conception Box Pressed Toro and El Pasador de Oro XO rum.

Nov 22, 2021

‘Off-switch’ for pain found in mice brains. Darrell and Bill discuss this, but prefer the pain relief of the La Aurora Corojo and Kaniche Reserve.

Nov 18, 2021

Smart chainmail switches from flexible to tough under pressure. It moves from a fluid-like state into a specific solid shape with the application of pressure. The researchers behind it hope this tech could potentially be used as a smart fabric for exoskeletons. Bill and Darrell discuss this while they smoke the CAO Gold...

Nov 15, 2021

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill includes tax reporting provisions that the cryptocurrency and NFT worlds are concerned could stifle transactions. Adventura The Royal Return Queen’s Pearls Lancero with the Rhum J.M. VO. Martinique rum.