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Cigars Liquor And More

Jun 28, 2021

They find yet another science and health topic and talk about neutrophils. How have I not heard about these before. The antibodies and T cells get all the credit. The generic 'white blood cells' were always lumped together and we talk about one of the five today. They smoke the La Barba Red, their first offering...

Jun 24, 2021

The boys talk about technology that captures CO2 and traps it in rock to create more stone. During this time they smoke the Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown with some Premise Rum. Bonus gun talk.

Jun 21, 2021

They smoke a Southern Draw Rose of Sharon. While doing so they continue the Old Fashioned 'Road To the Championship'. The third round will put rye whiskeys against each other. Old Overholt Rye, Doc Swinson Straight Rye in Rum finish, High West Double Rye, Sazerac Rye. They really shouldn't do 2 brackets back to back.

Jun 17, 2021

Four whiskeys battle in the Old Fashioned arena to earn the right to advance. Old Bardstown, Fistful O Bourbon, Old Forester 86, Evan Williams BNB battle for the right to call themselves the best whiskey for Old Fashions. They smoke the 601 Maduro and discuss McConaughey for Texas governor. Back to the 2 party monopoly....

Jun 14, 2021

Four liquors face off in an Old Fashioned battle. Belfour Bourbon, Wild Turkey 101, Sorgho, and Boondock Port finish. Over 3 challenges a victor will emerge and the 3 will face off with the previous winner Old Grandad 114. They also discuss and smoke a Room 101 Ichiban Maduro. Bonus couple science jokes.