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Cigars Liquor And More

Dec 26, 2022

This discuss a new method to flush out cancer before it can be passively detected. They smoke the Caldwell Pepper Cream Soda white label and drink the Sweetens Cove Kennessee Bourbon Whiskey.  

A Proactive Way to Detect Cancer at Its Earliest Stages...

Dec 19, 2022

They smoke the Aladino Cazador and drink some Smoke Wagon straight bourbon whiskey.  They delve into the statement 'Let us drink for we must die'. Discuss color for quite a while and re-visit the Old Fashioned becuase it was just that good.


Dec 12, 2022

A very special 300th episode, they have a limited release from Iron Root. They smoke the CAO BX3 with this brandy and talk about the connection between Iron Root and the Cognac region of France. Eventually, they discuss a new rare earth discovery on a mountain side in Maine. 

Anomaly on Maine mountaintop is rare...

Dec 5, 2022

There is discussion about the enormous number of cigar lounges in North Texas and how fortunate they are that they have such a large number and great selection around us. They smoke the Vorieo Maduro with Diplomatico Seleccion De Familia rum. They talk Top Gear for a while and wrap up happy.

Nov 28, 2022

Alec Bradley Black Market Vandal with 4 flavored syrup Old Fashions. Julia again joins us for the Old Fashioned syrup analysis. Spoiler, they aren't all good for Old Fashions. They remind Darrell about how he'll tell you your story back to you forgetting that you were the one who told him the story. They wrap up with...