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Cigars Liquor And More

Feb 23, 2020

The roaring 20’s are back and so is Julia! We are having the Micallef Experiencia 6 x 58 with High Balls made using 4 different whiskey’s. High Ball is 1 to 3 ration of whiskey to ginger ale. To make the High Balls we used Four Roses, TX, Redemption High Rye, and Balcone’s Rye. Find out which one we really like and which are ok. From CRA ( , we talk about some State legislation in the works. Some are good, most are not. Two Cassie Questions. The first one Darrell thinks is not worthy: Why does a Jedi not use the force to switch the other lightsaber button off. The second question which Darrell says is worth: If you can do a one time trade of adding 15lbs per one year younger, would you do it and how much? You can get in touch with us at our website and find out social media links there as well. Instagram:, Facebook:, Twitter: